Seo Powersuite Activation Idea

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Seo powersuite is a premium software that will make search engine optimized posts for you and suggest you the best keyword for your content. Just get this way how to activate seo powersuite.

Activation Procedure:
Method #1:
1. Go to 'control panel' -> 'windows firewall'
2. Click 'advanced settings' on the left.
3. Right click 'outbound rules', and click 'new rule'.
4. Select 'custom', click next.
5. On the program step, leave 'all programs' selected, click next.
6. On the protocol and ports step, click next.
7. On the scope step, under the remote ip addresses click the 'these ip addresses' radio, and click the add button.
8. Add the ip address: '', and click okay.
9. On the action tab, click 'block the connection', and click next.
10. On the profile tab, click next.
11. On the name tab, give it a name and click finish.
Method #2:
- Download the free version of SEO Powersuite from the official site.
- Install it
- Download Zone Alarm firewall (it’s free and seems to work for everyone):
- Install it
- Open ALL SEO Powersuite programs (SEO SpyGlass, Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, LinkAssistant & BuzzBundle) and let them update:
Normally only BuzzBundle and 1 other program need to be opened to update.
Opening 1 of the other 4 programs will update all 4 of them, but I opened all of them anyway to make sure.
After the update close all of them and immediately open them again.
Leave them opened!
- Open Zone Alarm and add a blocked IP, here’s how:
Under Firewall (Protected) click View Details.
Click View Zones on the Right hand side.
Click Add>> IP Address.
Zone: Blocked IP Address and name it whatever you want & click ok.
- Now go back to the SEO Powersuite programs (which are still open)
- Go to Help -> Registration Info... and enter the right registration info per program:
After this you should have a working version.
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