9 Ways to increase Blogger Traffic

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Driving traffic is not easy and at the same time its not impossible too. For newbies will feel difficulty in the beginning.

How to increase traffice

increase traffic

Make a path clear
You should clear the paths where bumps and Dimples are there. Bump and dimples will stop blog to not visible from search engine. Without it make Smoothness.

Visitors comes from different different sources, from different places.
“Open all the the doors as much as you can”  to search engines crawl and send visitors.

The more possibility you make, the more visitors you are going to bring to site.

Pagerank depends on how much traffic comes in. If traffic increases , your blog Pagerank increases.

Traffic decides the worth of any Blog or website. If no visitors, its equal to dead blog (worthless).  Visitors makes to blog alive.

Can say Basics are like pillars for anything. First and the best way to increase blog traffic is to follow the basics.

+ Search Engine Optimization- Majority

   Majority of traffic comes from the search engine,almost 70%. So Optimising Onpage and offpage Seo are the most important.
 Writing a well seo optimized article makes you better ranking. You can Use free seo tools for Keyword analysis.

+ Guest post- Double Bonus

    Think that Your article published in popular website. Is it not worth? You are giving something that worth it and getting back the same.

From Top pagerank Quality website getting quality backlink. Even though Nofollow Its increases the pagerank.
   As well as sure you will be bringing new Visitors from those website.

+ Forum- Free backlinks

 Be in touch with forum. Forums are dofollow, dofollows are which is good worth than getting nofollow backlink.

Answering questions related to your niche increase chances are more clicks.

+ Submitting to webmasters

  •   Submit URL to the Popular webmasters like google, Yahoo,Bing and etc.
  •   Submit your article to technorati and social blogs
  •   Submit to Bookmarking sites

+ Sitemap

  Submit your sitemap to search engines. It will be easy to crawl what type of blog you are promoting.
Note: Do not submit frequently. Submitting frequently will spam your blog.  

+ Social network- Makes Value

Who would not heard about social networks like facebook? Lots of people were communicating the way via social network.  So grab a chance.

Social networks are dofollow, If don't use it, then you are missing huge valuable traffics.   
The Best way to know the people about your blog and post.

+ Sharable

        Create Sharable contents  which is the best way of increasing page ranking. Shares increase the rank of the post as well as blog.
            * Content
                      Create Sharable contents  which is the best way of increasing page ranking.              
            * Make Infographics
                       Infographics are becoming popular between people.
            * Unique pics
                      Unique image increases chance of getting visible from Search engine.

+ Commenting

              Commenting on other blogs is one of way to introduce to people by yourself.
Another way to bring new visitors.
More comment on  Dofollow sites and .Gov and .edu websites for backlinks.

+ Ads

 Its not free but worth it. you have to pay for ads. Like google and facebook they provide ppc ads.

+ Use Tools- Tools for traffic

    Adwords, semrush and etc are providing free keyword analysis. Use those tools for visible for search engine.

There are lot of ways you can bring traffic to blog. But These are the common ways Every succeed bloggers do follow to increase traffic. This is how they boosted and boosting their blog Pagerank.

As i Said Earlier of the post.

The more possibilities you make, the more visitors you bring
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Hi, I'm Shohag studying Computer Science Engineering at Dhaka International University. I love to write online and always try to share tech tutorial in this personal blog you  can join me on facebook and follow on twitter.

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