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How to edit blogger template

Easiest Way to Edit blogger template Quickly offline

Blogger has made a separate section from editing template known as 'Edit Html' which may be headache for slow speed internet or for slow computer where it lags so much.
Today, I present an easiest way to edit blogger template which is so easy that it can be done from android mobile phones.
Here is the step-by-step procedure:

1.  Go to dashboard of your blog
2.  Click 'Template' tab
3.  Select 'backup/restore' option
4.  Download the whole template by clicking download full template
5.  Open this blogger template in wordpad (you can choose any XML editor).
6.  Edit the template and 'save' it.

Follow same steps 1, 2, 3  as above.
7.  Then upload the template you have edited by locating it in 'browse' and finally click 'upload'.

What are the benefits of this ways?
1. You can edit blogger template offline anytime.
2.   Edit blogger template without any problems or lags.
3. Use different features of different text editor to edit code quickly like fast word replace which is used to replace words in the whole template.
4. Easy editing is possible.
5. Take low internet usage.

The common and every time used method is as follows:

1. Click Template tab
2. Select 'HTML Edit' the dialog box appears with your template codes.
3. Press ctrl+f will make a small box on that dialog box in which you can the words you want to search.
4. When editing finish just click 'Save'.
5. Dialog box will close and your work is done.

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