Android Screen Recorder

Android Screen Recorder

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If you looking for a screen recorder for your android smartphone then this post is for you. There are many software in windows computer or mac for making great tutorials but in android device these type software is very few and rare.

We play games in android device but there is no option to take that as a video but just thing if it would be able to take a video you would happy to share what you played and scored in your device. This recorder will help you to record high quality video tutorial in your android device.

There are some free apps that are trial version but I'm sharing with you full version software for free.

Download Android Screen Video  Recorder

Click the bellow source link for download Android Recorder.

Source: SIS

How to Add Custom Toolbar

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Custom toolbar is not most poplar to all developer but many people use it to show notification or social share button on their site. If you want add custom floating toolbar this post will be helpful for you just follow one simple step.

Copy this bellow code and paste it to your widget:

All Bangladeshi Domain and Hosting Provider

All Bangladeshi Domain and Hosting Provider

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If you are searching to buy domain or hosting form Bangladesh this post is for you cause today i'm publishing a list of all Bangladeshi domain and hosting providers list with their website link it will make you happy.

A categories
B categories
C categories
D categories
E categories
F categories
G categories
H categories
K categories
M categories
N categories
R categories
S categories
T categories
W categories
Numeric categories

If you want to add your hosting in this post just contact us.

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