10 best online text effect generators

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Online text effect generator websites are good source for creating beautiful logos or banners from text. If anybody needs to create a stylish text banner for website/blog then these websites are the perfect place . There are hundreds of online text effect generator websites are available. It is very difficult to find good ones. So I compiled a complete list of 10 best online text effect generator websites.


textspace text effect generator


cooltext text effect generator
matrixtext text effect generator


textfx text effect generator


flashvortex text effect generator




Computer Hacking And Social Engineering Ebooks Free Download

Computer Hacking And Social Engineering Ebooks Free Download

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Have you ever listened name of Kevin Mitnick. He is great hacker he was arrested by Mitnick Police for hacking. He is cyber security specialist, hacker, writer, blogger and Engineer. He was a most wanted hacker and arrested in February 15, 1995. When he got ride of jail there was also a punishement for him to leave all electronic device containing internet connection. After 2003 he got totally ride from this banning.

He has wroten many social engineering books i am giving you the best three book by Kevin Mitnick

The Art of Deception

The Art of Intrusion

Ghost in the Wires

Thank you 
Download Sumatra PDF Reader

Download Sumatra PDF Reader

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There is many pdf reader on internet with various type of feature by various software developer company. I have already used Adobe reader, binding reader, nitro pdf reader, faster pdf reader, glory pdf reader and some old style pdf reader.
I have seen that every pdf reader as mostly same type and something new not a big part. And at the present time you can see that you can open pdf file in your firefox browser. So I have searched for a new pdf reader and finally i got it.
It's name is Sumatra PDF Reader, usually its best style and designed with a nice performance.
Download Sumatra Pdf Reader for your Computer.

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