How To Earn Money From Adsense Using Youtube

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Today i will discuss about how to increase money from adsense using youtube, if you have a youtube adsense and no income then this post is for you or if you have no visitor for your youtube channel it will also help you to get visitor.
If you have no approved adsense account chek this post here.

Earn Money From Adsense Using Youtube

After Approving Adsense:

1. Upload copyright free videos only
2. Use best video editor for make it attractable.
3. Now publish your channel to facebook, twitter, google +.

How to make youtube channel popular:

1. Make a logo and cover photo for your youtube channel (must be copy free).
2. Always post videos as same quality.
3. Always upload videos same related.
4. Only related videos will help you to get visitor do not upload many types.
5. Do not make spam comment with channel link it will make damage for your adsense.
6. Publish your videos on your website only related website to increase visitor.
7. Above all take care your adsense to earn money easily.

Note: If you get approve adsense from youtube channel don't try to use ads on your blog or website it will disable your adsense in 5 days.

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