Learn Freelancing Part 3 --- HTML Part 2

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You will see everywhere tags in webpage from left to right and top to bottom, tag has three option first is opening tag second or middle is your contents and last is closing tag.

<p>A Paragraph Tag</p> tag letter must be little alphabet,
1.<body> Body Tag (acts as a content shell)
2.<p>Paragraph Tag</p>
3.<h2>Heading Tag</h2>
4.<b>Bold Tag</b>
5.<i>Italic Tag</i>

Some Tag Without Closing Tag

There is some tag that has no closing tag and they don't use any elements, as example there is a tag </br> this work for line break.
and others are
1.<img src="/../mypic.jpg" /> -- Image Tag
2.<br /> -- Line Break Tag
3.<input type="text" size="12" /> -- Input Field
Preview of number 3 >>>   
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