How To Take A Screenshot In Computer

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Taking a Screenshot

To take a screen shot of your computer, please complete the following steps:

For Windows
  1. Press the "Print Screen" button.
  2. Open Microsoft Paint. To do this, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint.
  3. Click inside the white part of the screen.
  4. Go to the Edit menu and select Paste.
  5. Click File > Save As.
  6. In the box that pops up, change the "Save As" type to JPG.
  7. After typing in a filename for your image, choose a location on your hard drive to save to, like the Desktop, and click "Save."
For Mac OS X
  1. Simultaneously hold down the ⌘-Shift-4 keys.
  2. Press the spacebar.
  3. Click the open window that you wish to take a screen shot of. The screen shot should appear as a file on the desktop labeled "Picture 1."
    Please note that in Mac OS X 10.6, the file is "Screen shot [date] at [time]."
For iPhone
  1. Simultaneously press and hold the power and home buttons.
  2. The screen will momentarily flash white.
  3. The screenshot will appear in your "Camera Roll" album.

Bypass Facebook Photo Verification

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If your suffuring from facebook photo verification problem this topic is for you, this tutorial is about Bypass Facebook Photo Verification in one minuteIts, it's a big problem to verify facebook photos from your friends, let me show how will Bypass Facebook Photo Verification in one minute.

Bypass Facebook Photo Verification

This is a easy way to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification using Japan Ip
At first Open Mozilla firefox now go to
Network—Settings—Manual Proxy Configurations Port: 3128
Note: You can use any other japan proxy get them from google

Now Go To
Log in that account, Put your Mail There In The Blank Box and verify it from your mail or you can add mobile number also. After verify by mail or mobile you are successfully Bypass Facebook Photo Verification.

Are you looking premium option to bypass facebook photo verification click here.
Thank you

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Hide Your Facebook Account Timeline

Hide Your Facebook Account Timeline

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Did you want to hide your facebook account, I wanna say facebook hidden/ghost account 
if yes then follow the simple steps you will be able to do it.

 Steps To Create Hidden/Ghost Account

1. Create a New Facebook Profile
2. Active your email address and verify your mobile number to set a username.
3. Open Facebook Via "
4. Enter spaces at the beginning of the username field.
4. Click check availability.
5. Click on set username, mostly the page will stay blank . but the trick works and we are done .

If you have any question you can ask on comment via facebook .
Learn Freelancing Part 3 --- HTML Part 2

Learn Freelancing Part 3 --- HTML Part 2

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You will see everywhere tags in webpage from left to right and top to bottom, tag has three option first is opening tag second or middle is your contents and last is closing tag.

<p>A Paragraph Tag</p> tag letter must be little alphabet,
1.<body> Body Tag (acts as a content shell)
2.<p>Paragraph Tag</p>
3.<h2>Heading Tag</h2>
4.<b>Bold Tag</b>
5.<i>Italic Tag</i>

Some Tag Without Closing Tag

There is some tag that has no closing tag and they don't use any elements, as example there is a tag </br> this work for line break.
and others are
1.<img src="/../mypic.jpg" /> -- Image Tag
2.<br /> -- Line Break Tag
3.<input type="text" size="12" /> -- Input Field
Preview of number 3 >>>   

Learn Freelancing Part 2 --- HTML Part 1

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The full meaning of HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language, This is not a programing language it's markup language. At first you must learn html to be a web developer.
It's very easy to learn and if you can learn html you will be able to create web pages as your own.
Hyper Text Mark Up Language

Learn HTML

What You Need To Learn HTML
Open Only Notepad and be ready to learn if you are advance in Dreamweaver then open it.
There is another types notepad also netbeans, notepad++, coffee cup html editor, sublime text you can anyone.
To Learn HTML what you should know better
Html elements
Html Tag
Html Attribute
 Elements are main pont of Html, Elements are created with Tag just see from a paragraph.
examples: paragraph text
    <p> - opening paragraph tag
    Element Content - paragraph words
    </p> - closing tag
In every web page there is 4 essential elements these are HTML,head, title and body elements . open your notepad start menu All Programs > Accessories > Notepad
type <html> Element...</html> here you see <html> this tag for webpage's first tag and at the end you see </html> this is closing tag. without very few tag every tag has closing tag <p>elements</p>.
now save your notepad file as .html format open the saved file in your browser and see you do it.
<head>elements refer to the header of a webpage.
<title>element stay in <head>, This element is wrote in the  opening (<title>) and closing(</title>) tag,
and it's shown as a title in the head of the browser.

<title> My WebPage!</title>

<body> element
In a web page all data are under body element, what you want to show in your web page type it in body element and closing tag is </body> .

 Your First HTML Webpage:

<title>My WebPage!</title>
Hello World! All my content goes here!
Now save this code as .html extension and open the html file in any browser your first web page created.
Learn Freelancing Part 1

Learn Freelancing Part 1

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Hello do you want to learn freelancing if your answer is yes then read this post. Freelancing is career which is called your own job you will work from your home or anywhere with the virtual people of the world.
There are many types of job on internet but most powerful job is web design , graphic design, animation design, video editing, software development, java android application progress.

I have take a decision to post all of my experience and resourceful turorial with you all.
I will post about
Web development: html, css, php, javascript, jquery, asp, wordpress, blogspot, joomla, drupal.
Graphics : photoshop, illustrator, autocad 2D+3D+max, maya stydio, quark express.

So i think you all will stay with me .

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Recover Your Android Deleted File

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Get return your android's deleted file it's easy to get. Some times we delete our data from android phone unexpected way. Then what we do we do not try to get it any more but there is a way to Recover Your Android Deleted File.

How To Recover Your Android Deleted File

1. At First Download This Software From Your Computer Device its name is Dr Fone for Android by Wonder share

2. Now Install Dr Fone For Android By Wonder share to your pc.

3. Now connect your Android Device with your pc and start debugging option from your android device.

4. If your mobile has been connected to your pc now here will show some option like gallery, documents, audio, video and etc. now you click on gallery button.

5. Next step from your pc you will see to get permission to recover file look at your android device and click always accept.

6. Your android device will get analys by that soft and after reboot there will some pop up window do nothing.

7. After analysing by Dr Fone software there will shown your data list which you want to recover give tick select them.

8. You Successfully Got Recover Your Android Deleted Files

Voxal Voice Changer Software With Serial Key

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If you trying to make fun with friends by your phone call this post is for you, let's know about this software. It's name is Voxal Voice Changer Software, there is serial key also added on download

Voxal Voice Changer Software is not most popular but similarly you can use it for personally, This can be a awsome gift for you With Serial Key Fullversion software Voxal Voice Changer.

No one can say what is your gender after listening your voice :P 

Feature Of Voxal Voice Changer Software

1. You change your voice as like girls/boys.
2. You can change sound of any song as you wish.
3. Make your friends and family fool and enjoy it changing your voice.
4. Change your own voice as like alien.
5. As boy or girls voice you can use it in skype.
6. Old songs can listen clearly.

so get Fullversion software Voxal Voice Changer

The Best Sites to Learn Programming

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There is thousands and thousands of website in internet world but for programming teaching there is few sites. I them most resourceful and popular sites are also very few
, so if you are wanna be a programmer you must need to learn from the best people.
 The most wanted Programming Language Learning Sites Are Here,

Online Courses Programming Books (Free)
JavaScript Code Academy, Learn Street, Khan Academy, Code Combat, Code Avengers Eloquent JavaScript, JavaScript Guide, Speaking JavaScript, JS The Right Way, Oh My JS
HTML & CSS Code Academy, Don’t Fear The Internet, Tutsplus, Learn Layout, A to Z CSS, Dash, Web Accessibility, The Hello World Mozilla, Dive into HTML5, 20 Things I Learned, HTML Dog, HTML & CSS, HTML5 for Designers, DOM Enlightenment
jQuery Code Academy, Tutsplus, Code School jQuery Fundamentals, Learn jQuery
Python Code Academy, Google, Learn Street, Python Tutor, IHeartPY Python for You and Me,  Dive into Python, Learn Python the Hard Way, Think Python, Python for Fun, Tango with Django, Django
Ruby & Ruby on Rails Code Academy, TryRubyCode Learn, Railscasts, Rubymonk, Learn Street Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, Learn Ruby the Hard Way, Learn to Program, Learn Rails by Example
PHP Code Academy, Guru99 PHP Programming, Practical PHP
Google Apps Script Getting Started, Office Hours, Google Scripts Examples, Learning Apps Script
WordPress Treehouse, WordPress TV
Linux & Shell Scripting, Explain Shell Conquer the Command Line
Node.js Nodetuts, Node School The Node Beginner Book, Mixu’s Node book, Node Up and Running, Mastering Node.js
Git (version control) Code School, Git Immersion, GitHub Training Pro Git, Learn Git
Objective-C (iOS & Mac) Code School, Stanford, iTunesU
Chrome Dev Tools Code School, Dev Tools Secret, Chrome Dev Tools Tutorial, Udacity
Go Language, GopherCasts Programming in Go, Go by Example, Learning Go
Java Learn Java, Coding Bat Programming in Java, O’Reilly Learning Java, Think Java, Java & CS, Java for Python Devs
Android App Development Udacity (Google Developers), Coursera, The New Boston, Google University, App Development Essentials, Code Learn
D3 (data visualization) Data Visualization for the Web, Dashing D3, D3 Tips & Tricks
Everything Else Udacity,, Coursera, Udemy, Lynda, Pluralsight, Treehouse, Open Consortium, One Month Rails

 Thanks For Reading the post The Best Sites to Learn Programming .

Beautiful Camera Apps For Android User

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Dear android user do you happy with your camera if not this post is for youuuuu, so let's chek it out there is many features in android camera apps you can compare it with your phone's build camera software
So Download These Beautiful Camera Apps For Android User

Android Camera Apps

Here is download link of Beautiful Camera Apps For Android User

Camera Apps for Andriod OS

Among these Camera Apps for Andriod OS I mostly like FV-5 and DSLR.

Thanks For Reading Beautiful Camera Apps For Android User I think you will enjoy these Camera Apps For Android OS and take your selfie and upload on facebook.
Disable Windows Force Shutdown Error Message forever

Disable Windows Force Shutdown Error Message forever

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Sometime windows getting shutdown but you steel need to stop shutting down for some works you did not save. So what you will do to stop force shutdown. Let's see the easy way

How To Disable Windows Force Shutdown Error Message Forever

If you suddenly shutdown your computer in widows 7 & 8 you will show shutdown error message. This Problems shown for your running software here is solution.

How To Stop Windows Force Shutdown Error Message Forever

1. Copy the bellow code in a New Text Document

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]
[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop]

2. Now rename the New Text Document save this file as " shutdown.reg " anywhere in any drive in your HDD.
[ Note : Files Type All Files Must Be Chosen By You Before Save With Notepad ]
3. In this way now double click on the shutdown.reg file there you will see a message click on Yes then here will another message click ok.
4. Test : now open 3-4 application on your windows and shutdown or restart in running time. Look is here show windows force shutdown error message. No here will nothing because you done it sucessfully
5. From now when you shutdown or restart your PC then Tasks and Timeouts will automatically off.

Thanks For Reading This Post.

Add Auto Refreshing System For You Blog

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Do you have a blogpot site if yes now this tips is for you. If you add auto refresh for your site there will increase traffic for your blog. so let's see how to do

  • At first go to your account on now click on your blog in left side you will see template click on it, in template setting here is also edit html option just choose it now here you will see a theme editor opening.
  •  I this html editor find <head> tag.
  • Now add the bellow code before <head> tag,
  • <meta content='800;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>
  • See the above code here the red color is this site link so here edit and give your link, and see I have set 800 you can set another as like 2000 less or many as you choose.
  • If you set another site link your site will redirect to another site by this code :)
Modern Combat 5 : Blackout APK

Modern Combat 5 : Blackout APK

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Modern Combat 5 is a nice game for android, it has most valuable google review from android user.
This game is from gameloft for all game addicted people as like you

Lets See Modern Combat 5 : Blackout APK

All About Modern Combat 5 : Blackout

GenreFirst-Person Shooter
DeveloperGameloft Bucharest
EngineGameloft's own
Release dateJuly 24, 2014
  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows 8
Size675 MB at initial download, >995 MB final
RequirementsiOS 7 or higher (iOS)
Android 4.0 or higher (Android)
Input methods
  • Touch screen
  • MOGA controllers (Android only)
Ratings17+ (iOS)
PredecessorModern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 5 : Blackout Cracked APK


Download Link of Modern Combat 5 : Blackout APK

APK ও Data/OBB
১. From Here
Modern Combat 5.torrent [682.52 MB]

How To Install Modern Combat 5 : Blackout APK

1. Download APK and Data Files now Unzip them and transfer to your Android Device.
2. Copy all Data File and keep it in your SD Card inside Android/obb/.
3. Now  Install any of Moded APK or Normal APK.
[note: If you install Moded APK you will get Unlimited Bullets ]
4. Now Run The Game Modern Combat 5 : Blackout APK
[note: Definetly stop your Data Connection/WiFi when you run the game]
5. Now Play Modern Combat 5 : Blackout :)

Some Screenshot of Modern Combat 5 : Blackout APK

So everyone be happy thank you

2014 Special Software With Serial Keys For Windows

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There is some antivirus and wifi software most populated in 2014. I think you will be happy to get this, these all are full version software for your windows
Let's see 2014 Special Software With Serial Keys For Windows

AVG Internet Security 2014 Full Serial Key


AVG Internet Security 2014 Full Serial Key


CCleaner 4.16.4763 Full + All Edition CK 2014

CCleaner 4.16.4763 Full + All Edition CK Download

Proxifier 3.21 Full key+Reg key 2014

Download Connectify 7.3 Pro (2014) Full

Download Connectify 7.3 Pro (2014) Full


Nitro 9.5 Pro Full Version CK 2014

See More at
Asphalt Full Version Game For Your Android

Asphalt Full Version Game For Your Android

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Many of us now depend on Technology and we can not think out day to day life without technology.
For the demand of technology the present world is going to a head. This is a Android Game its name is Asphalt Full Version
, do you know how popular this game is.

Let's See Some Screenshot Of Asphalt Full Version


Download Now Asphalt Full

Download Paid Android Software For Free

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Salamun Alaikum, Eid Mubarak. today i am sharing with you some special android software. These software are paid software but you will get it for free
I think you will happy :)
Let's see and download them:

CCleaner v1.03.21 Full Andriod App 2014
 CCleaner v1.03.21 Full Andriod App 2014

 Download Now CCleaner Full

File Manager HD (Explorer) v2.0.5 Full Apk Download 2014
 File Manager HD (Explorer) v2.0.5 Full Apk Download 2014

Download Now File Manager HD (Explorer) v2.0.5  

 Camera360 Ultimate v5.3 Full Apk Download 2014
 Camera360 Ultimate v5.3 Full Apk Download 2014

Download Now Camera360 Ultimate v5.3 Full Apk 2014

 edjing Premium – DJ Mix studio v4.0.3 Full Apk  2014
  edjing Premium – DJ Mix studio v4.0.3 Full Apk  2014

Download Now  edjing Premium – DJ Mix studio v4.0.3 2014

 Lapse It • Time Lapse • Pro v4.60 Full Apk  2014

 Download Now  Lapse It • Time Lapse • Pro v4.60 2014

MAVEN Music Player Pro v2.34.04 Full Apk Download 2014

Download Now MAVEN Music Player Pro v2.34.04 Full Apk

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords v3.6.2 [Unlocked] Full Apk 2014

 Download Now Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords v3.6.2 [Unlocked] Full

Mantano Ebook Reader Premium v2.5.0.3 Full Apk 2014
 Mantano Ebook Reader Premium v2.5.0.3 Full Apk 2014

Download Now Mantano Ebook Reader Premium v2.5.0.3 Full Apk


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