Learn Visual Basic 2013

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Dear Programmars Are You Ready To Learn Visual Basic, Download Microsoft Visual Basic and Open it.

At first Click on File now press new project

Now In Form view select text box from toolbox

Then select  button from toolbox

Edit the button and rename it start

Now click Form1.vb file or double click on button

There you will see that file open for coding

You coding start here right now...

In coding you will see End Sub and Private Sub and among them the empty line is your coding line...

now typef

    TextBox1.Text ="Write Your Text"

You are done now click debug from menubar programm will run with that form you created

press start and you will see your Text that you finished,

you can customize your font setting right site of this software
or click on button and press properties.

Best of luck

Don't forget to chek this video tutorial attached bellow

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Hi, I'm Shohag studying Computer Science Engineering at Dhaka International University. I love to write online and always try to share tech tutorial in this personal blog you  can join me on facebook and follow on twitter.

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