Download Some Islamic Movie (Ramadan Gift)

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In this Ramadan month i am giving you some most popular islamic movie for download. Look these movie and the history of islam.

1 Islamic Movie – The Message (1976)

The Message (1976)
(I think this movie was way ahead of its time. Being done in the 70s it clearly and accurately depicits the beginning of Islam.) It is the 7th Century in Mecca, where powerful leaders are in conflict with Muhammad who attacks their way of life and the injustice it produces. After seeing a vision of the Angel Gabriel, Mohammad calls the people of Mecca to cast aside the 300 idols of the Kaaba and worship only one God. Despite bitter opposition from the leaders of Mecca, Mohammad and his faithful followers meet secretly to listen to the revelations of the word of God. The leaders respond with persecution, forcing the Muslims to leave Mecca and take sanctuary in Medina. After a revelation from God, Mohammad agrees to take arms against Mecca and battle until more and more people are converted to the emerging religion and ready to accept the prophet. Then the idols of Kaaba are destroyed and the holy place is dedicated to the worship of one God. Muhammad is the Prophet … the Messenger of God.
The Message is an epic in the true sense of the word. It took six years to prepare and over one year to film. (1976)

Movie Info:

Download Part-1
Download Part-2


[Format:Avi/Divx] [Size:2x 701mb] [Source:]

2.  Islamic Movie – Muhammad – The Last Prophet [2004] [DVDrip-DivX] Animation


Its being called the first animated film by Muslims to premiere in North America. ‘Muhammad: The Last Prophet’ aims to tell the story of Islam to a new generation of Muslims here and give Westerners a more positive depiction of the Middle East than the one they get on their nightly news.
Movie Info:

Download – Part I – 269 MB
Download – Part 2 – 268 MB



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Download Islamic Movie
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