PlayerPro Music Player (Updated) 21 April 2014

6:56 PM

If you are a android user I think You Must Know This Music Player "PlayerPro" and today I will give you the upgrade version of it. Let's see its feature with some screenshot:

PlayerPro Music Player


   Let's see new features-
Ability to edit (resize, crop, rotate etc) album artwork, artist pictures and genre illustrations
- New xHD versions for Cloudy Copper/Pink skins93154498
- New Social Network and Flatty skins released
- Fixed a bug causing the wrong artwork dimensions to be displayed when searching for album/artist/genre artwork on internet
- Fixed a bug causing the update of album/artist/genre artwork to fail when selected from the gallery
- Updated translations
- A few other bug fixes
Now Just Download It.
 1. Media Fire: Download
 2. Google Play Store: Download
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