11 Optional Software of Adobe Photoshop for Graphics Design

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We are using the most popular Software Adobe Photoshop for Graphics Design .  I think Everyone know about it. Many of its serial key can not be used for the new version . Well maybe many people do not know about the software 's options .
I 'll share with you the 11 alternative software . Which you can download completely free .
However , increasing the download link below to share this software is the little details -
1. Gimp

Gimp run on Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD, Sun OpenSolaris and other different platform, it has big user community, and official has many tutorials for learning.
Download Gimp

2. Paint.net

This Photo Editor is only for Windows user.
Download Paint.net

3. Pixia

This Japan English Version Free Photo editor, It supports Photoshop layers, masks and some basic tools.
Download PIxia

4. Seashore

It's Only For Mac User, Seashore is a Freeware Software. It has text and brush stroke with gradients, textures & anti-aliasing.
Download Seashore

5. Inkscape

Inkscape is open source software and optional of Adobe Illustrator vector graphics.
Download Inkscape

6. Xara Xtreme

Xara Xtreme only for Linux user.
Download Xara Xtreme

7. ChocoFlop

This Software is only for mac user.
Download ChocoFlop

8. Photoplus

PhotoPlus is an amazing photo editinngs oftware, It has too much advantages fix, bitmap graphics & web animation.
Download Photoplus

9. CinePaint

CinePaint is used for making a image deep paint, It is high colour supported tools.
Download CinePaint

10. Krita

This software is only for linux user, Krita a open source software.
Download Krita

11. PhotoFiltre

This has advance adjustments option to build a image creative.
Download PhotoFiltre
Enjoy Your Photo editing And stay with us.
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Hi, I'm Shohag studying Computer Science Engineering at Dhaka International University. I love to write online and always try to share tech tutorial in this personal blog you  can join me on facebook and follow on twitter.

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