Look Up Hidden File From Your Pendrive

Look Up Hidden File From Your Pendrive

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Sometime When your windows get attacked from virus then you can get problem from your copied file but there is no file showing on your pendrive let's solve this type problem.
At first open windows statr button now open notepad  Programme/Accessories/Notepad
1. copy these code from bellow:-

attrib -h -r -s /s /d J:\*.*


del *.Ink /f/s/q

del *.exe /f/q
del Autorun.inf /f/q

2. Now change J: and type your pendrive Letter showing on your computer if there is L just type it L: ok.
3. Now go to File/save as  (all files type not as text files) Unhide.bat to your desktop or anywhere.
4. Double click to this Unhide.bat file this will open and close automatic.
5. Now open your pendrive folder look there is showing your hidden files, this bat file removed autorun.inf file and save you.
6. You have done it.
Top Ten Best Football Player In The World

Top Ten Best Football Player In The World

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Football is most popular game in the world today I will show you a list of Top ten best football player in the world,
10. George Best - Northern Ireland
09. Zinedine Zidane - France
08. Alfredo Di Stefano - Argentina
07. Ferenc Puskas - Hungary
06. Franz Beckenbauer - Germany
05.Michel Platini - France
04. Zico - Brazil
03. Johann Cruyff - Netherlands
02. Pele - Brazil
01. Diego Maradona - Argentina
Rare Photo Collection Of Bangladesh

Rare Photo Collection Of Bangladesh

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Few days ago Tarik Ahmed collected some rare photo of bangladesh, minimum 200 photo of bangladesh was collected by him today I'm sharing photo from him. Bangladesh and it's historical moment was in this pic.

I know you eagerly waiting for getting these photos, I'm giving you download link from google drive so you can easy download rare photo collection of bangladesh.

Here the download link you get Download Rare Photo Collection Of Bangladesh and you will be happy to see how bangladesh was in the past.

Thank you.

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