Block Ads On Skype Software From Your PC

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The Popular Chatting and Calling Software is Skype, there is advertisement show on this software,  I think Ads on Skype Software is really boring, is not it ? Very easy way to remove it, just follow these 2 steps,
1. Edit your hosts file and add the entries:
2. How to open your hosts file:
  a. Windows Vista/7
      i. Open the start menu
     ii. Type notepad.exe
    iii. Right click and run as administrator
     iv. File menu -> Open:  %WINDIR%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
  b. Windows 8/8.1
      i. Open the metro interface / home screen
     ii. Find Notepad, otherwise go to All Apps and find Notepad there
    iii. Right click, run as administrator
     iv. File menu -> Open:  %WINDIR%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
  c. Mac OS X / Linux
      i. Open your favorite text editor
     ii. Select a file to open
    iii. Path:  /etc/hosts
     iv. When saving, you will require root/admin or sudo privileges.
Now enjoy Skype without Advertisement.
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Hi, I'm Shohag studying Computer Science Engineering at Dhaka International University. I love to write online and always try to share tech tutorial in this personal blog you  can join me on facebook and follow on twitter.

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