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9:16 PM

There is comment reply option on facebook pages but no reply option on personal account. today you will be able to reply on comment in personal account of Facebook.
1) Before We start pls close all the opened Facebook window

2) Open This link

3) Right click on any place and Choose 'Inspect Elements"

4) Click the Gear right down the window

5) In the new window,Follow These steps:

a) Click "Overrides"
b) Check/Enable " Override Geolocation"
c) Type/Copy These numbers into boxes
Lat: -41.289996  Lon:  174.781555

Close settings window first then close the inspect elements window.

6) Click "Check In"

7) Choose any places in "New Zealand"

8) Make a post and you are done

Special Thanks to : khalil

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Hi, I'm Shohag studying Computer Science Engineering at Dhaka International University. I love to write online and always try to share tech tutorial in this personal blog you  can join me on facebook and follow on twitter.

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