Download Any Software Life time resume Supported

Download Any Software Life time resume Supported

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There Is many download site in the internet world but unlimited resume supported site is very few. Today I am Sharing With You A Google Dork to find out Life time resume supported Download site,The Dork is
intitle:”index of” + “…..” (zip|rar)
intitle:”index of” +  “…..” (exe)

Write your desire file or software name replacing ….. and copy the dork, paste it to google and click enter to find .
You will see there a lot of site will show your wanted file or software just click on any site link and download software with unlimited resume supported.

Add "Reply" button to Facebook comments

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There is comment reply option on facebook pages but no reply option on personal account. today you will be able to reply on comment in personal account of Facebook.
1) Before We start pls close all the opened Facebook window

2) Open This link

3) Right click on any place and Choose 'Inspect Elements"

4) Click the Gear right down the window

5) In the new window,Follow These steps:

a) Click "Overrides"
b) Check/Enable " Override Geolocation"
c) Type/Copy These numbers into boxes
Lat: -41.289996  Lon:  174.781555

Close settings window first then close the inspect elements window.

6) Click "Check In"

7) Choose any places in "New Zealand"

8) Make a post and you are done

Special Thanks to : khalil

Use Two Difference Profile Pic In Facebook

Use Two Difference Profile Pic In Facebook

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A small trick to use different profile pictures in your facebook account , follow these steps to make your account looks like the picture to the right . Demo :-


Hint : Click any picture to view in original size . This trick works on facebook pages .

Open this link :

After that open your "Profile Pictures" Album , click any picture you want to use as another profile picture for your facebook profile .

After you clicked on the picture that you want to use as another profile picture in step "1" , look at the url and copy the "fbid" value , mine here is : 10151822490798885


Go to your facebook account , click your profile picture and choose "Edit Thumbnail" .
a pop up window will appear .

Right click on your profile picture and choose "Inspect element" .


Scroll down until you reach the code which start with : 
<form action=""
Click the left small arrow to open the code .

scroll down a bit until you find this code : 
<input type="hidden" autocomplete="off" name="photo_fbid" value="102714738884">

Here we need to change the input field named "photo_fbid" value which is equal to : 102714738884 in the above code ,
notice that the value 102714738884 will not be the same as your code is .

Double click on the value to edit it , or right click and choose edit html , paste the fbid value that you copied in step "2" above .

Click any where to save the changed , close the "Inspect element" window ,
Finally click "Save" . 
First Published On the webs of khalil-shreateh .
You Have Done It.....
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